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The Binge

Ask Chandara No.14

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The Binge

By Chandara Tep, Reporter

This week a question was submitted by Corey Pfitzer asking, “What shows should I binge watch?” Well you see that are thousands of great shows to watch, but I have a few that I would recommend. If you want something a bit comedic try watching The Office or The Community.  These shows always some sort of wacky, hilarious plot going on in each episode. Shows such as Blackish and Fresh Off The Boat contain bits of specific humor, which are also great for the funny bone. If you’d rather watch something a bit more thrilling you could watch Netflix original Black Mirror. A show taking place in a utopian/dystopian future,where a twist practically lives in every corner, with each episode being its own story. If you’re a person in a love of fantasy try watching Doctor Who or Supernatural, these shows are incredible engaging and both containing over ten seasons. If you want to try something a bit unusual I’d recommend A Series of Unfortunate Events, a story with a not so happy ending. My personal favorites are shows involving superheros, which are The Flash, Black Lighting, Supergirl, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. If you truly cannot find a show for you, do what I do and binge watch loads of random movies that you have access to. I wish you a happy binge.

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Chandara Tep, Reporter

Chandara is a chill dude. He is currently is in his third year at Modesto High School. He's an avid Dungeons and Dragons player and has also spent hundreds...

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