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Ms. Tomao’s Full Retirement Interview

Ms. Tomao’s Full Retirement Interview

By Sarah Lim, Writer

March 25, 2013

Filed under Feature, Student Life

Q – How long have you been working in education and at what schools or grades? A - I worked for Modesto City Schools for 17 years.  The first 5 years were spent at the District's Assessment and Evaluation office working on testing projects and then I moved to Modesto High School, spending 12 yea...

Cookie or Cream?

Cookie or Cream?

By Samuel Lee

February 12, 2013

Filed under Feature

The Oreo is a century old symbol of childhood in America. Nothing can be more nostalgic than dunking the iconic chocolate cookie sandwich into a cold glass of milk. From its first appearance in 1912 to the present, the Oreo has remained America’s favorite cookie. The National Biscuit Company, later...

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