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Gun Law Walkouts

Gun Law Walkouts

By Sarah Rinne, Reporter

February 24, 2018

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  Students across the United States have recently been organizing and participating in school walkouts. After the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, students feel the need to take a stand and make sure lawmakers are aware of their opinions of gun laws. The school shoo...

LA School Shooting

By Michelle Tipton, Reporter

February 5, 2018

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When gunshots were first heard at an LA middle school, it seemed to be what is now an all too familiar narrative of a student opening fire on a campus with deadly consequences. But this time, it was a twelve-year-old girl from Sal Castro Middle School who brought a gun in her backpack and while in her...

Tide Pods

Tide Pods

By Chandara Tep, Reporter

February 1, 2018

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This week an anonymous user has asked, "have you done the Tide pod challenge?" To that question I can answer no and I can absolutely guarantee you that I will not part take in this "challenge" ever. This new trend is incredibly dangerous and idiotic. Participating in this event can create a life changing...

America Gobbles up Turkey for Thanksgiving

America Gobbles up Turkey for Thanksgiving

November 26, 2017

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Benjamin Franklin, perhaps one of the most interesting men in history, was once a firm believer that the turkey, should be our nation's bird. This of course did not pass through, such as we are known by the bald eagle that the founding fathers decided upon. Franklin believed that turkeys are the true...

Tragic Shooting at Texas Church

By Lauren Byerly, Reporter

November 11, 2017

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On November 5th Devin Patrick Kelly opened fire on a local church service in Sutherland Springs, Texas. He killed seventeen adults and eight children along with an unborn child carried by one of the women killed.  Among the adults killed was the assailant's grandmother-in-law. 20 others were wounded. The ...

Collusion with Russia

November 9, 2017

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According to the New York Times, new leads are being pursued in the Trump-Russia investigation.  On Monday, the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, announced charges against three of the Trump Campaigns advisers and found the most interesting and promising evidence throughout the entire investigation. ...

Las Vegas Massacre

By Shelby Benz, Editor

October 17, 2017

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Las Vegas - a city that is valued for its vibrant and colorful atmosphere.  It is comprised of famous franchises and institutions that beam in a strip of color that sharply contrasts the harsh desert environment outside of the hub of popular culture.  The protective layer of city culture was ruptu...

Fires in Northern California

Fires in Northern California

By Tera Waterman, Reporter

October 15, 2017

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On Sunday, October 7th, fires began raging in Northern California, near Santa Rosa, Napa, and Sonoma. The fires now have killed about 31 people, it is being considered the deadliest series of fires in California history according to Cal Fire. These fires have burned about 191,000 acres throughout the...

The IB Pinning Ceremony

By Lauren Byerly, Reporter

October 9, 2017

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Every year the Junior International Baccalaureate class goes to an event, IB Pinning, and this year's pinning was Monday night! This is their official induction into the IB program after doing two years of pre-IB classes which prepared them for the rigor of the program. It was held at the Gallo Center...

Rally Recap

By Lauren Byerly, Reporter

October 7, 2017

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The first homecoming rally of the year occurred last Friday, and it was a success! According to Rally Co-Lead Bethy Romeo, the level of involvement and number of people were the biggest successes of the afternoon. Despite the obstacles that they faced during planning, the spirit of the Modesto High student...

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