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Relay for Life Modesto High

By Shelby Benz, Reporter

March 15, 2017

Filed under News, Student Life

Cancer is a very real problem that encroaches upon the lives of many individuals.  Modesto High is taking a stand against cancer by holding a Relay for Life Event at the school.  The event is scheduled to take place on the 7th of April after school from 3:00p.m. to 5:00p.m. in the Girl’s Gym.  It...

Freedom of Speech

By Shelby Benz, Reporter

February 6, 2017

Filed under News, Opinion

Freedom of Speech.  A part of the 1st Amendment in the Constitution that necessitates the ability of Americans to voice their opinions without restraint or censorship.  On Wednesday night, February 1, 2017, controversy struck the UC Berkeley campus when Mr. Yiannopoulos was invited by the Berkeley College Re...

Staff Flashmob at Recent Rally

By Jasmine Lopez, Reporter

February 6, 2017

Filed under News

At our last rally on January 27th, our school received an unexpected performance. After the cheerleaders performed, teachers and other Modesto High Staff members stepped onto the middle of the gym. As the music began, the teachers and staff began to dance. About forty staff members participated in the...

A College That Changes Life: Saint Mary’s College of California

By Alexandria K. Yaum, Reporter

September 21, 2015

Filed under News, Student Life

The season for college is now in session. Colleges and universities from around the local area are visiting schools from all around, trying to spread the information of how great their school is. One of the colleges that have visited this week is Saint Mary’s College of California. The college is located...

Our Carribbean Neighbor

By Alex Hunn, Website Editor and Reporter

April 20, 2015

Filed under News

The Cuban Embargo was enacted almost 55 years ago, and the United States is making moves to lift it. What is it, and why is it still enforced?

Searching for Life

Searching for Life

By Alex Hunn, Website Editor and Reporter

October 8, 2014

Filed under News

Scientists have developed a method for detecting life on planets outside of the solar system.

Champions of the Capital City Showcase

By Natalie Schlenker, Reporter

October 6, 2014

Filed under News, Sports

Sun beating down, eyes watching, people screaming, teams battling for the title of champions. This is what our varsity boys soccer team went through at their Capital City tournament. At the start of the tournament, the team felt well prepared and ready to play their best and win, each of the twenty-four...

iTunes Gives Free…

By Alexandria Yaum, Reporter

September 12, 2014

Filed under A&E, News, Review

Are you interested in listening to something different? Searching for some new songs, band, or album to enjoy? Well I have one for you…. I give you U2!! Yes, the band’s name is U2 and they have just released a new album this weekend through iTunes. That’s not even the best thing about the new hit...

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

By Natalie Schlenker, Staff Writer

August 23, 2014

Filed under News, Videos

You've seen it all over your feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. For the past few weeks, people have been dumping buckets full of freezing ice water on their heads in the name of striking out this disease. Our own Panther Press teacher, Mrs. Glenn has been nominated,...

New Early Release Days

By Allie Enriquez, Reporter

August 21, 2014

Filed under News, Student Life

This year, students will have more minimum days to give teachers more time for collaboration. On approximately two Wednesdays per month, students will get out of school around 1 o'clock, and there will be no 8th period on these days. To try and make up for the lost days that students will not get in...

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