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Holiday Recipe

Holiday Recipe

By Hadiyah Waseem, Reporter

January 15, 2018

Filed under Review, Showcase

As the holiday season approaches us fast there are many things one would want to do, but making last minute desserts shouldn't be one. To come up with a unique dessert at the last minute is very difficult, and to avoid being cliche and making typical Christmas cookies you can show off with some wintery...

Skating Through Our Lives

Skating Through Our Lives

By Breanna Donnelly, Reporter

December 30, 2017

Filed under Opinion, Review, Showcase

Modesto On Ice is the seasonal Ice Rink, of Modesto. Many friends and families attend this rink during the winter, for various events, such as birthdays, club celebrations, as well as to just hang out with their friends. It is common for the average Modesto High School student to go to the rink, directly...

Justice League

By Shelby Benz, Editor

December 2, 2017

Filed under Review, Showcase

The trailers and previews were played for months. DC hoped to capitalize on the success of the Wonder Woman movie that swept the box offices earlier this year. Unfortunately, the reviews were less recurrent and enthusiastic than anticipated. It took Rotten Tomatoes about a day to inform the world about...

Movie Review – Thor: Ragnarok

By Shelby Benz, Editor

November 11, 2017

Filed under Review

          Movie theaters were already booked throughout North America months before the release of Thor: Ragnarok.  According to Brent Lang from Variety, Thor: Ragnarok was on track to open in the $100 to $118 million range prior to its major debut.  My experience in exploring the Marvel unive...

Book Review – They Both Die at the End

By Lauren Byerly, Reporter

November 5, 2017

Filed under A&E, Review, Showcase

They Both Die at the End is a novel written by Adam Silvera and published on September 5th 2017. It has been received very well by both the public and critics alike, receiving a 4.2 star rating on Goodreads and the approval of 94% of google users who read the book. But what is it actually about, and...

September/October Finds

September/October Finds

By Jasmine López, Editor

October 29, 2017

Filed under A&E, Opinion, Review, Showcase

The start of Fall is something we all look forward to. It means the smell of fresh pies baking, the sound of leaves crunching under your footsteps, and for us Californians it means a break from the hot weather. The change of season brings about new finds such as books, music, food, and movies. Keep reading...

One-to-one Devices

One-to-one Devices

By Sarah Rinne, Reporter

August 26, 2017

Filed under Opinion, Review, Showcase

              This year at Modesto High, brand new one-to-one devices are being provided for every student. Although the intent was positive, I found that students have mixed feelings about their devices. After asking around campus to see what people thought about the new laptops, I discovered t...

Finals & Senior Schedule

By Kristina Zuroff, Editor

May 26, 2017

Filed under Feature, News, Review, Student Life

Finals are upon the students of Modesto High this year! 0 & 8th period finals started on Friday and continued through today. Those finals occurred during the students regular schedule due to the fact that not everyone has one or both of those periods. Students will not have to attend their 0 period...

IB Testing

By Trevor Pedron, Reporter

May 17, 2017

Filed under News, Opinion, Review

Every year, around the time of late April or early May, the Junior and Senior IB classes earn (or, actually, pay for) the wonderful opportunity of taking IB Tests in various topics. Not sure what an IB Test is or why this is significant? Here's a basic breakdown: So IB Tests are split into two, well,...

Book Review: Milk and Honey

By Jasmine López, Reporter

March 15, 2017

Filed under Review

I have read many books, and I would say it’s safe to say that it’s rare for a book to come along and leave an impact on the way you think. A couple months ago, I read a poetry style book called Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. I wanted to share about it because it has been a few months, and I still fi...

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