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By Kristina Zuroff, Editor

April 19, 2017

Filed under News, Student Life

The senior class of 2017 is having a meeting during 6th period on Thursday, April 19, 2017. If you are a senior, you will be already excused from your class. Therefore go straight to the auditorium at the start of 6th period. This meeting is extremely important (not to mention mandatory) because topics...

3rd Quarter Update!

By Kristina Zuroff, Editor In Chief

March 15, 2017

Filed under News, Opinion, Student Life

The Modesto High Class of 2017 has been up to a lot of stuff lately, much of which involves college and scholarships. Students around the world have been getting their acceptance and rejection letters from their schools they applied to a few months ago. Around this time, there are some students feeling...

Theory of Knowledge Presentations

By Zaynah Waseem, Reporter

March 15, 2017

Filed under News, Student Life

Although IB students are generally busy everyday, last week turned out to be even more hectic than usual for full International Baccalaureate seniors. The reason for this is because IB seniors were  presenting their Theory of Knowledge presentations last week. Theory of Knowledge, commonly referred...

CAASPP Tests at Modesto High

By Leticia Mejia, Reporter

March 15, 2017

Filed under Student Life

The Juniors from Modesto High School were taking the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress test or also known as CAASPP, March 6 through March 9. CAASPP has replaced the Standardized test and Star test program CAASPP is now the new state academic testing program. CAASPP is intended to ...

Relay for Life Modesto High

By Shelby Benz, Reporter

March 15, 2017

Filed under News, Student Life

Cancer is a very real problem that encroaches upon the lives of many individuals.  Modesto High is taking a stand against cancer by holding a Relay for Life Event at the school.  The event is scheduled to take place on the 7th of April after school from 3:00p.m. to 5:00p.m. in the Girl’s Gym.  It...


By Trevor Pedron, Reporter

March 15, 2017

Filed under Opinion, Student Life

The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) is a statewide, standardized test that Modesto High's Junior Class has spent the last week taking for half a day every day (except Friday). Well, actually, they were taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC), which...

Students “Have a Ball” – Except One

By Trevor Pedron, Reporter

February 8, 2017

Filed under Review, Student Life

After a delay, a whole buncha complication, and a fair bit of confusion on the part of some (but certainly far from all) students, the Winter Ball finally happened on February 4th. In short, it went well. Nothing of note happened - oh wait, there was that one kid that literally broke his ankle. But other...

Modesto Honor Choir Concert

By Synsanni Phaing, Reporter

February 6, 2017

Filed under News, Student Life

On January 26th, Modesto High choir students participated in the Honor Choir Concert which included all of Modesto City high school choirs singing 4 songs total together. The practice went on at Johansen High School in the cafeteria. The practice event took over 5 hours from 3 am to 8 pm, of course di...

Group 4 Science Presentations

Group 4 Science Presentations

By David Zhu, Reporter

February 4, 2017

Filed under News, Student Life

The Group 4 Science Presentations for IB at Modesto High are occurring on February 2, 2017 in Mr. Austin's class (room 45). All of the IB juniors have prepared for this event for months in order to present a science topic that they researched in groups of four to the IB science coordinators. "It's a...

Science and Farming: IB Group 4

By Trevor Pedron, Reporter

February 3, 2017

Filed under News, Student Life

This week, the students of the International Baccalaureate Junior Class here at Modesto High finalize and present their presentations for what is commonly referred to as the "Group 4 Presentations." In the IB standards list, Group 4 is the classification of subjects that includes the sciences. Each year,...

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