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The Importance of Voting

By Matthew, Reporter

Voting, what is it? I’m sure by now, you know what voting is, but let’s start with a basic definition first. Voting is defined as expressing a desire to follow a course of action. Now, for a basic history of voting rights in the United States. When our country was founded, only white men who possessed property were allowed to vote. In 1828, white men who didn’t own property were extended suffrage. In 1870, the 15th amendment was passed and allowed for the right to vote despite race or previous servitude. Then in 1920, women, also known as feminists, fought and advocated to vote, and succeeded when the 19th amendment was passed. Following this, poll taxes were removed in 1964 by the 24th amendment, allowing poor people who couldn’t pay the taxes to now vote. In 1964, the civil rights act was passed which ensured the safety of black people and protected their rights to vote. Finally, the 26th amendment was passed in 1971, which allowed for people 18 years of age or older to vote in elections. Pretty long history lesson right? Well, this is barely scratching the surface of JUST American history. It’s clear to see that people have suffered, fought, and endured numerous trials just for a right to get a say in politics. Our forefathers emphasized that voting is an unalienable right, and no one on this planet has the right to take it from you, so why wouldn’t you vote? You have the ability to change the course of a nation, your opinion matters. Support your beliefs with actions, vote for people who represent you. Don’t waste time and complain about a situation you don’t like, advocate and create a different future. Take advantage of your opportunity to vote and register or pre-register here:

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The Importance of Voting