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Seniors Applying for College

The last weeks of September are here and that means all seniors should be ready for next month. Starting in October, many colleges are accepting applications. Therefore, all seniors should be ready to apply and know what is required. Most applications ask for lots of information so be ready to add that. The most important part of applying are the essays because that’s how colleges will know who you are and why they should have you in their campus.

The month of October will be busy, but it’s a good thing, since seniors will be applying to colleges. Not all seniors apply to colleges around this time, but it will be best to do it this month. By doing so you have greater chances of getting in and being more prepared. Also, you can find out if you will or will not be accepted sooner that way you have a plan before the year ends.

Applying to college is something to take very serious. Everything added to the application will determine your future. I recommend asking for help if your not to sure what to do, or don’t feel ready. There is help you can find anywhere specially those who have gone through this experience. Make sure that the colleges you are applying to are your top choices.

How to get prepared? By asking for advice of what you may need to someone who has already applied will help. Also, research some of the things that the college are requiring because sometimes colleges only accept students within their area. For example, UC Davis is accepting students that live near the college. This is very important since you do not want to waste any time and want to make sure the colleges you’re applying to fit you. Finally, the most important part is to be prepared with your essays. Colleges like to read essays and that’s how they will determine if they want a student in their campus or not. October should be a very productive month for all seniors.

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Seniors Applying for College