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Group 4 Science Presentations

By David Zhu, Reporter

The Group 4 Science Presentations for IB at Modesto High are occurring on February 2, 2017 in Mr. Austin’s class (room 45). All of the IB juniors have prepared for this event for months in order to present a science topic that they researched in groups of four to the IB science coordinators. “It’s a lot of work,” says Ciara Bermillo, an IB junior at Modesto High School. “We’re doing our presentation on cows and the ramifications of cow consumption. Through our research, we’ve discovered that cows are actually an inefficient source energy because of how many resources are needed to nurture and raise them.” Every group has to choose their own unique topic to explore for this event and create a presentation that will be between six and eight minutes.

The purpose of this event is to widen the perspectives on science of the junior IB students and for them to discover their own fields to study. It also expands their knowledge of science. It’s a great learning experience for everyone to learn how to present and develop research topics. In December, both Mr. Austin and Mr. Peters of the IB Biology classes announced the beginning of this project, where students had to collaborate with others in order to create a presentation on any field of science, from agriculture to physics to biology to chemistry, and more.

Mr. Austin and Mr. Peters observing different presentations prepared by the IB juniors.

Only full IB students are required to participate in this event in order to meet one of their requirements for getting their IB Diploma next year. “Yeah, we’re going to be practicing during lunch today,” Sam Gierhan nervously comments. “I’m pretty sure we’ll do fine, but I’m still a little bit nervous about the presentation.” Sam Gierhan is working on the project with three other of his junior friends in IB Biology. While many IB juniors may feel intimidated by this event that they have to present on Thursday, the majority of them had rehearsed and practiced enough.  The IB biology teachers will be judging this event as many groups of students present their topics on Thursday. Each student will be given a different time slot on Thursday to present their research topics. They will be working very hard and it will take them from three in the afternoon to about seven in the evening to judge and spectate all of these groups. It is thanks to them that we have the opportunity to participate in this event.

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  1. Billy Bob-Joe on February 8th, 2017 3:33 pm

    Good job everyone on procrast… on your Group cuatro presentations!

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