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Staff Flashmob at Recent Rally

By Jasmine Lopez, Reporter

At our last rally on January 27th, our school received an unexpected performance. After the cheerleaders performed, teachers and other Modesto High Staff members stepped onto the middle of the gym. As the music began, the teachers and staff began to dance. About forty staff members participated in the flash mob. All the students were taken aback because they were not expecting. They did a two minute and a half dance, and it turned out great. The students enjoyed watching the teachers loosen up and have fun. The dance was well choreographed and coordinated. They rehearsed the dance three weeks in advance. They commenced with thirty-five participants. As the weeks passed, more teachers got on board and joined the fun. Since not all the teachers could practice the dance at a set time, Mrs. Coito, who organized the performance, made videos of the dance and then shared them with everyone who was participating. This was very helpful for all the staff who was participating because they could use the videos to practice on their own time. Ms. McAulliffe, was part of the flash mob says,” I love to dance and wanted to show students our staff’s spirit.” Ms. Sanches also participated and commented,” I liked being out there with everybody, and I liked the music choice. It was fun to see the students get excited. You could really tell that the students appreciated it.” Mrs. Rai said, “I participated to show my students that there are multiple ways to present your skills.”

When asked about what he thought of the performance sophomore, Alex Phaing said, ”Mrs. Rai was dancing, and it was hilarious especially when they dabbed! It was really good, and I think the whole school really liked it.” Natalie Linker was also taken with Mrs. Rai’s dancing,” I thought Mrs. Rai killed it. It was cool. Our teachers are unique in the sense that teachers at other schools probably wouldn’t of done that.” Jack Ford says, “Mrs. Rai and Mr. Mitchell were the best ones out there and so were all the teachers.” Another student, Safa Sareshwala says,” I was just very impressed! I thought it was nice all the teachers were able to bond and do it for the students.” When asked about the flash mob, the first thing Marina Sisneros said,” I was very impressed with the staff’s energy and enthusiasm while dancing.” Chris Rocha found it entertaining, “It was funny. It was different, so it was kinda nice.” Cheerleader Calissta Dominguez thought, “It was unexpected, entertaining, and fun to watch.” Her friend Tera Waterman said, “Since cheerleaders have to sit at the front during rallies, we (referring to Calissta and herself) had a good view.” Sophomore class president, Grant Sutter, commented, “It was stellar. It was not only nice to see unity, but it promoted camaraderie in our staff.” Raneet Kaar is proud to be a panther, “It was fun to watch the staff being out there and having a good time. I feel proud being part of our school.” The staff makes our school one of a kind. The students had a positive response to the flash mob. They appreciated it because staff took time out of their day to put this on for the students.

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Staff Flashmob at Recent Rally