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WASC – Western . . . What?

By Trevor Pedron, Reporter

Every six years, schools that are part of the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, or ACS WASC, undergo a reform process that aims to remake each school’s basic learning expectations. In the case of Modesto High, this means our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results, or ESLRs, and out Student Norms. Two official WASC meetings have already taken place, one on February 7th and one on February 14th.

To get an idea of just what happens at these meetings, Modesto High Panther Press followed reporter Trevor Pedron (myself) into his (er, my) WASC meetings on those days. Imagine my surprise when I found out that our Journalism 3: Newspaper supervisor Kerrie Glenn was actually involved in the same area of WASC as I was – curriculum. During the first session, the group spent approximately one hour going over the ESLRs and Norms in groups to revise them from a curriculum-oriented standpoint. In the following week’s meeting, we did the same, only in a much shorter time span, given that most correction had already taken place.

It feels good to be participating in the rare opportunity to reform our school to best fit our students’ needs in today’s academic society. Hopefully WASC will bear fruit this year, and much will be edited and resolved to better the Modesto High School systems with the aim of helping our students.

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WASC – Western . . . What?