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Hurricane Harvey

By Michelle Tipton, Reporter

Hurricane Harvey, the latest hurricane to hit Texas in the past eight years since Hurricane Ike. Harvey made landfall on Friday night between Port Aransas and Port O’Connor. Harvey began as a category four hurricane with 130 mph winds, but later became a tropical storm on Saturday afternoon. Houston, one of the cities where Harvey hit the hardest, received fifty-one inches of rain and caused 180 billion dollars in damage, making it more costly than Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy.

Currently, the death toll is forty-seven and in it’s path, Harvey has destroyed 200,000 homes and displaced more than a million people. Not only have people been affected, but thousands of animals such as dogs and cats have been moving to place to place in effort to make room for the flood of animals being brought into shelters. Shelters have been trying their best to keep animals in the area they were found in, but with the limited amount of space, animals have been moved to places such as the Bay Area and Chicago.

To add to the overwhelming amount of worries to the residents of Texas, only eight percent of homeowners had flood insurance before Hurricane Harvey. Therefore, only about 10,000 homes were protected compared to more than 90,000 that weren’t. Flood insurance has recently been overlooked and because of that, many homeowners have decided to move to new places rather than pay out of pocket to fix/ rebuild their old homes.

To sum up, Hurricane Harvey has definitely left a physical and mental imprint on many people and animals. Homes and families have been destroyed, but with the help of others, Texas can and will get back up on its feet. Harvey has acted as a test to see if compassion still exists in humanity and Texas has passed with flying colors.


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Hurricane Harvey