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Hurricane Irma

By Michelle Tipton, Reporter

Hurricane Irma is one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the Atlantic and made landfall in the Eastern Caribbean. Irma began with 185 miles an hour on Wednesday but later slowed down to 180 miles an hour. Arriving as a category five, Irma destroyed ninety-five percent Barbuda’s buildings and wrecked havoc in the U.S Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Haiti. On Wednesday, Gov. Rick Scott, declared a state of emergency all throughout Florida and urged residents to flee to safety and to prepare by stocking up on basic necessities and prescriptions.


Before Saturday, thousands left Southwest Florida in effort to escape Irma’s wrath. However, for the ones who were unable to leave, they were faced with storm-surge flooding, tornadoes, and forceful winds. On Monday, hurricane Irma was degraded to a tropical storm, but fifty mph winds were still present as well as life-threatening storm-surges. Initially, models predicted Irma would hit Miami straight-ahead, but a westward turn helped the city escape the brunt of the storm. Since the storm was almost as large as Texas, both sides of Floria were hit with hurricane-force winds.


Although the storm isn’t completely over with, the biggest worry is the aftermath. As the storm slowly died down, everything got busier, Hospitals, utility workers, and other essential personnel became busier. Supply trucks with generators, portable toilets, and telephone poles were now moving and gasoline was being handed out. Regardless of the damage done in the Caribbean, Florida, and Georgia, people are pulling through, stronger than ever. Eventually, everywhere that hurricane Irma hit, will recover and be more prepared for the next hurricane that decides to come their way.


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Hurricane Irma