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The IB Pinning Ceremony

By Lauren Byerly, Reporter

Every year the Junior International Baccalaureate class goes to an event, IB Pinning, and this year’s pinning was Monday night! This is their official induction into the IB program after doing two years of pre-IB classes which prepared them for the rigor of the program. It was held at the Gallo Center for the Arts in downtown Modesto. The night begins with a half hour social event where the IB students and their parents talk and eat. This year there were pastries in the lobby. The students take photos together and talk while the parents talk to teachers and their fellow parents.

Eventually the students file on stage and the parents take their seats in the audience. This year was a particularly large IB class, so there were lots and lots of chairs on stage. The night began with a keynote speaker who had graduated from the program a few years prior. He attended the Air Force Academy after graduation and talked about how the program had shaped his life and later successes. He said that he used the skills he had learned in IB throughout his whole life, especially the time management skills and the ability to procrastinate. Once he had spoken each student’s parents were called to the stage to give their child their IB pin. As the parents walked on stage and shook hands with Mr. Manning, 40 words they had written about their student were read aloud. They all complemented the perseverance of the students in the program and spoke about their best qualities. Then the student received a pin, which one of their parents attached to their dress or suit.

PC: Lauren Byerly
The pin which IB students receive when they officially become a part of the program

After each student is pinned, they all file off of stage and return to the lobby. More photos are taken and then they head home to finish up their homework for the night, because the IB grind doesn’t stop.

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Lauren Byerly, Reporter

Lauren Byerly is a Senior who has been a part of the International Baccalaureate Program since Freshman year. She has been involved with the Cross Country...

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The IB Pinning Ceremony