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LA School Shooting

By Michelle Tipton, Reporter

When gunshots were first heard at an LA middle school, it seemed to be what is now an all too familiar narrative of a student opening fire on a campus with deadly consequences. But this time, it was a twelve-year-old girl from Sal Castro Middle School who brought a gun in her backpack and while in her backpack, the gun fired a single round that injured two students. The bullet first went through the wrist of a fifteen-year-old girl and then continued

to hit the temple of a fifteen-year-old boy. Both were hospitalized and are now in fair condition, but the fifteen-year-old boy sustained more serious injuries and arrived at the hospital, vomiting blood. Two other students and one adult also sustained minor injuries but they were not caused by gunfire. Officers took the girl into custody and confiscated the unregistered semi-automatic pistol and she was charged with one felony count of being a minor in possession of a firearm and one felony count of having a weapon on school grounds.


Details on how this case will be handled have yet to emerge and police are still trying to determine how she obtained the weapon and what encouraged her to bring it to school. After the gun was fired, administrators locked down the school which requires students to remain in the classrooms they were at during the time of the shooting, but some students were picked up earlier by their parents. Cases like this aren’t new with a student who died and another student who was wounded in 1993 by a .357 magnum and in 2011 when two students were injured by a gun that discharged while in a backpack.

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LA School Shooting