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2018 World Series

By Sabrina Mean, Reporter

For the 2018 World Series, the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers went head to head. Not knowing who was going to win was nerve wrecking for a lot of people. But towards the end of Game 5, you can say the Red Sox took home the trophy with a 4-1 win against the Dodgers. With this win, the Red Sox won nine World Series Championships. The World Series 2018 Most Valuable Player goes to Steve Pearce who scored a total of 3 home runs with two of the home runs being in Game 5 making the Red Sox beat the Dodgers with a score of 5-1. Not only was it an individual work but it was team work that made them win. Same thing to all the other hardworking teams out there.

When asked, “What do you think about the World Series? Who were you rooting for? Were you disappointed?” An anonymous junior answered, “I thought it was [an] alright game I guess. I was disappointed that Dodgers didn’t win, by the way I was rooting for the Dodgers. DODGER BLUE!!! But I had a feeling the Red Sox were going to win.” Another junior, Kaylene Gutierrez said, “I think the World Series is like the Superbowl but for MLB of course, and you get to see the two major baseball teams compete for the championship. Although I”m a Giants fan, I ‘supported’ the Red Sox. I was rather thrilled then disappointed since they won the game.” Do you agree with these two people? Even though the Red Sox won, they were both low-key rooting for the Red Sox. Although, this was the second time in a row that the Dodgers lost, hopefully they get it next year. And as for the Red Sox, CONGRATULATION on winning the 2018 World Series!!!

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Sabrina Mean, Reporter

Sabrina Mean is a reporter at the Modesto High. Although, this is her first year with the Panther Press, she is very eager to learn more about what's going...

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2018 World Series