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The Crimson Time Trials: A Timer’s Perspective

By Trevor Pedron, Reporter

On Friday, February 24th, the MoHi swim team, the Crimson Tide, held their time trials as a sort of mock-race to give the swimmers an idea of their goals in a real race. Of course, one cannot hold a race without timers and recorders. As such, Coach Mike Chiavetta asked volunteers from the school to be timers for the trials. I happened to be one of those volunteers.

When I first walked in, on time, at 3:00 p.m., Mr. Chiavetta told me that, as most kids tend to be late, I was actually somewhat early. So, when the other timers arrived, Mr. Chiavetta showed us through the ropes, which were fairly easy, and set us to work. The time trials had begun.

Although Coach constantly reminded us of how tiring it could be to be a timer, the constant activity kept me interested in my job. The hour and a half didn’t seem that long. It seemed much shorter in part also because of the humor between the coaches, which was a constant. Although, I did get a little hungry, given I’d just finished a run. Because of that, I was especially agreeable to Mr. Chiavetta’s suggestion of giving snacks to the timer in the future.

The time trials were a success, according to the coaches. Since no times were missed, Chiavetta and the others were very satisfied. Now we wait for March 3rd.

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The Crimson Time Trials: A Timer’s Perspective