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IB Testing

By Trevor Pedron, Reporter

Every year, around the time of late April or early May, the Junior and Senior IB classes earn (or, actually, pay for) the wonderful opportunity of taking IB Tests in various topics. Not sure what an IB Test is or why this is significant? Here’s a basic breakdown:

So IB Tests are split into two, well, difficulties: SL and HL, which stand for Standard Level and Higher Level, respectively. Those titles are pretty self-explanatory, with SL being easier than HL and all. Most often, Juniors take only SL tests (in fact I’ve never heard of a Junior taking an HL) and Seniors take a combination of SLs and HLs. This isn’t just sadomasochism: in order to graduate from the International Baccalaureate program, a student needs to take at least three HL tests, and six tests total (for those who wanna avoid math, that’s three SL tests or less).

In order to take an HL test, one needs to take both the SL and the HL class in one subject, SL before HL (obviously). Yes, that means that there needs to be at least two years of a class taken to take an HL test. Luckily though, that also means that only one year of a class must be taken to take an SL test. So why is this important?

This time of year is hell for IB students because on top of all the other cra- er, stuff, we have to do, we now have super difficult tests to study for and take too. My experience wasn’t terrible, since I only took an SL test, but the students there taking HL tests were significantly more stress than I care to think about.

Anyway, with any luck, we’ll all do well this year, and maybe even get some high scores, like a couple 7’s (the test is out of 7, and only, like, 5% of students actually get 7’s). Hopefully, the rest of us will get 5’s and 6’s (which is still really good, given that a 4 is passing).

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IB Testing