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Preparing for the New School Year

By Melanie Meza, Reporter

Now that the year it over, school is the last thing you want to be thinking about. This is probably true for most, if not all of us, but it is always best to plan ahead. Planning ahead will allow you to be prepared which will overall lower your stress level when school actually begins. The beginning of school year will be here before we know it and rather than frantically wondering how you’ll stay on top of your work, especially as an honors student, you will be able to neatly and efficiently do so. High school can be very stressful but by following the tips I set before you, it won’t have to be.

My first tip is to establish your very own work/study space. To me, this is the most important tip. Having your own area to just do homework and study is important because otherwise, it would be very difficult to stay organized. Constantly having to move your papers, books, and other crucial materials is just a recipe for disaster. I recommend getting a desk and putting it somewhere where little to no distractions will occur with a stack of drawers beside it. This way you can have a calm environment to hold your materials and just think.

My next tip is to organize your school supplies. A great way to do this is to label, label, label! Identifying the difference between your drawer meant for current projects and past projects can be the key to staying organized. Not only this but having containers to hold your writing materials is another great way to organize. For example, buying a shower caddy and dividing your these materials it a great idea. I also strongly suggest that you go through all the materials from this past year and decide which are still useful and which aren’t rather than throwing everything out right away.

My third tip is to invest in both a daily planner and a calendar to hang above your study area. Having a calendar to look at every day will make sure you never miss a date while a daily planner allows you to keep up with your homework within each class. This is if you continuously update both these items. It is also a good idea to use different colored writing utensils so that each class and date stands out as most important to least important.

My fourth and final tip is to develop a routine. By this, I don’t mean you have to start now, after all, we’re only teenagers. Knowing myself  I’ll probably stay up until 2, 3, 0r even 4 o’clock in the morning. However, I do recommend that by the last three weeks of summer vacation you develop a good sleeping routine where you’re getting 8-10 hours each night waking up relatively early in the morning. By doing this you can be on top the game when it comes to waking full of energy for school.

Being prepared for the new school year is very crucial to starting out. This will determine how you will carry on throughout the year. You don’t want to enter not knowing where to do your homework especially on only 5 hours of sleep. This is why I fully plan on following all of these tips so that I can start off on the right foot and I hope you do too. Goodluck!


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Preparing for the New School Year