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Summer Activity Ideas

By Melanie Meza, Reporter

So summer is beginning and now you probably have nothing to do. Maybe your parents are yelling at you to get out of your bedroom and do something. Well, I have a few ideas of what you can do over the summer.

One would be to take on a summer job. Now I know you’re probably thinking this wouldn’t be so “fun” but once you get your first paycheck you’ll probably change your mind. You can use this cash to buy new clothes or just about anything you want. For example, going out to the movies or to an amusement park.

Another idea would be to have a water day with your friends. You can have a water balloon fight along with squirt gun battle. Just imagine having a blast under the warm sun with some cool lemonade. Once you’re calm and ready to call it a day, you all can even have a movie night with a few snacks!

Do you have a creative side to you? Well completing a few DIY crafts would be perfect for you to do. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there with amazing ideas for you to make. Anything from tie-dye shirts to bath bombs and even bedroom upcycling for those of you who want to change your room up a little.

This brings me to my next suggestion which is to organize your bedroom. Now we’ve all heard of spring cleaning but what about summer cleaning? There are so many ideas to doing so. Just to name a few, you could clean out and organize your closet by choosing which clothes you don’t need anymore and donating them. In addition to this, you could go through all your drawers and throw out items you just don’t need or use anymore. I recommend looking on Pinterest and looking at all the creative and amazing idea that are out there. You could even change the layout of your bedroom to add something new!

The last tip I have for you may seem “boring”, however, I feel it would be a good idea to give your time to the community. Instead of just spending your days doing nothing why not help someone less fortunate. There are a plethora of opportunities for you to do some community service. Anything from helping out your local organizations to just donating canned goods or clothing items. I advise you to go to and look at all of your local options.

These are just a few of many things you can do over the summer. I hope you can enjoy all of the suggestions listed above rather than going through your days in bed. Let’s see how long I can go this summer without my mom asking me do go out and do something. Hopefully, with all these ideas it won’t be very often. But hey, we’re only teenagers, right?


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Summer Activity Ideas