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The Temperature Debate

Student Opinions on Classroom Temperatures

By Lauren Byerly, Reporter

Many students have noticed the recent variation between the outside and inside temperature at school. While the weather outside has become extreme, skyrocketing to temperatures above 110 degrees, teachers have been using air conditioning to balance this out and make their classrooms bearable. However, some students believe that this attempt to create a comfortable classroom environment has actually had the opposite effect. Joan Gong, a junior, said that while “certain classrooms were comfortable the majority were not” and reflected that it affected her learning, “most classrooms are too cold, making it hard for me to focus in class”. This could cause a multitude of issues: the main purpose of classroom time is to learn and if students are distracted by simple elements like the temperature of the room, their valuable time is being misused. Besides becoming a distracting element, it has caused issues with dressing for the school day. Junior Gina Pallios found this uncomfortable and stated that she, “wanted to put five jackets on” in a majority of her classes. Deciding if one wants to wear jeans or shorts should be determined by the weather outside, and one should not have to factor in that one might freeze in early morning classes and certain classes later in the day without heavier clothes on. Despite this, teachers should not be blamed entirely for the temperature. A majority do not have complete control over their classroom thermostats and have to choose between a temperature that is too cold or too hot, many opting for what some students consider to be too cold. Also, the positioning of air vents in classrooms should be considered which discussing this issue. Joan pointed out that, “the air isn’t evenly distributed throughout the classroom, so for slightly larger classrooms one half of the room is freezing and the other half is very warm”. There are many factors in this issue, including the recent hot weather, lack of control over thermostats, and vent placement. However, something should be done to make students more confortable and improve their ability to pay attention in class.


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