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Thoughts on CAS

The student perspective...

Thavie Keary and Alan Guerrero construct a model during the Path 
Appears event

Thavie Keary and Alan Guerrero construct a model during the Path Appears event

By Mehar Nijjar, Reporter

Isaac Ochoa, Alyssa Cover, Iraya Cress and others work together during the Path Appears event

The Path Appears event took place a few weeks ago on August 24th, hosted by a group of IB student leaders and several IB teachers. Incoming juniors were  informed about CAS and its requirements while participating in interactive group activities. IB’s main intention for CAS is to diversify the high school experience for busy and stressed out IB students. Each letter stands for its own category of experience: C for creativity, A for activity, and S for service.

Despite the good intentions of IB, students portrayed a wide array of emotions towards CAS. Some students, including Britney Reyes, felt that the requirements are “too much” to juggle with homework, sleep, and a socializing. Others expressed hesitance when they answered “good and bad” or “neutral”.

While feelings about CAS are varied, many students have experiences in mind that they would like to take part in. Francisco Arrizon, an IB junior and student water polo athlete, says that he would like to get involved with environmental service while Kyle Kresse, an avid theatrical performer, explains that he wants to work with children as part of his CAS experience. When a senior, Matthew Soares, was asked what his favorite and most memorable CAS experience was, he said it was an experience that involved a cooking class. Meanwhile, another senior and swim athlete, Johnny Palios, expressed that his favorite thing about CAS is the flexibility and being able to earn experiences doing things involving sports.

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Thoughts on CAS