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Waterpolo Season

By Hadiyah Waseem, Reporter

Water polo like many sports is a fall sport. Although the weather is mildly hot today the players were able to cool down in the water. Both the Girls and Boys Water polo team are working hard to represent Modesto High at other schools. Today the water polo team went to a tournament while the varsity scrimmaged after school. While I was at the scrimmage I was able to interview Hector Bolainez who is playing water polo for the first time this year.He is a currently a sophomore at Modesto High.Hector played on the freshman football team last year but decided to play water polo this year.  He said, “I started this year and am totally looking forward to it.” He went on to say, “I’m totally pumped to play for the MHS water polo team. I’m looking forward to this season to be playing with my team mates.” While at the scrimmage both the boys and girls were playing hard. They were supposed to play against each other and was highly interesting to watch. If they practice as hard as they play it will be a competitive season. All in all, both the first timers and old timers are both looking forward to the beginning of a great season!

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Waterpolo Season