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How to have a healthy life?

By Hadiyah Waseem, Reporter

Have you ever felt exhausted or over worked? Don’t have enough time to do homework? Have you forgotten you had homework? Do you have trouble making time for family, friends, or even yourself? Feel like all you ever do is work?

Though the school year got off on a good start, many of us forget to keep a healthy lifestyle. We tend to overwork ourselves and not pay attention to important things other than homework. Although grades are really important, we shouldn’t put our health in the backseat while we try and cram in our essay only minutes before it’s due. Many of you would think that this isn’t as important or can wait to a later date, but it’s important to keep a balanced life. Whether you pay sports, are in a club, have an extracurricular activity after school, or just want make time for yourself or family, this is the article for you. With simple rules, you can, on a day to day basis, slowly put your life together.

1.) Invest in a planner 

As extra as that may seem, it is a great way to keep track of the homework you receive, the projects that are due, or just simple days you want to keep free so you can relax. Investing in a planner doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy one, it could mean that you either just write it down any- where, like in your phone. Many teachers also provide access to the Study Skills Calendar students can use as well.

2.) Make a playlist

This is for those who like to listen to music while doing their homework. For me, personally I tend to go on my phone many times to change the song and then get distracted. Making a playlist with songs you pick ahead of time can help reduced the risk of getting distracted while trying to change your music.

3.) Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode

This is mostly helpful when your phone keeps buzzing from people sending snaps, getting texts, or getting notifications from anything. The more your phone rings, the more you will get distracted from getting your work done.

4.) Divide your work up

Instead of cramming all your work into one day, try dividing your work into different days. Starting early is the key to being successful if you decide to do this. If something is due Friday and you got the assignment on Monday, then slowly start it and divide it into sections so you have a lessened work load.

5.) Eat and stay hydrated

Eating a proper meal and staying hydrated is an important factor in focusing. Also it is important for everyday life to do this so that you aren’t ignoring the importance of your health.

6.) Take naps

More days than not, we all get exhausted when we come home from school, so taking naps won’t hurt you. However, if your schedule is too packed for a full nap.  then consider a power nap for at least 15 minutes, so when you wake up you have enough energy to get your work done. Some days you might end up taking a nap for a few hours, and that’s okay, because getting rest is the most important factor of being able to get stuff done.

From staying organized to eating well and sleeping, all these factors play a huge role in being healthy and having a balanced life. If you divide up your work then you’ll have more time to yourself and less time stressing over last minute homework.

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