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Ask Chandara No.12

By Chandara Tep, Reporter

This week an anonymous user has ask, “what is time?” In the words of philosopher Adolf Grünbaum time is a “linear continuum of instants.” Time is usually seen as a form of measurement of how long something takes. It is a quantity used in various amounts of formulas. Time is also something that doesn’t exist, it is an illusion. Time is sometimes referred to as the four dimension as it sits along with three spatial dimension (chosen from length, width, height, depth and breadth). Many people will break time into three pieces past, present, and future. The past will be view as everything that has happened, the present as everything happening now, and the future as everything that will happen. Time is such a strange thing really, you are always living in the present, but constantly moving towards the future. You are living in a present time that is constantly being updated. The only way you would escape this is if you were some genius who has found a way to move through time (for the record there is no law of physics that would avert from the possibility of time travel). Even if you could move through time you would most likely only be able to move forwards in time through cryo-preservation or immense speed (faster then the speed of light). Traveling to the past would more likely be impossible due to the issue of causality leading to an issue of a paradox. The grandfather paradox would be a good example, where a time traveler would go back to the past and kill his grandfather before he could meet his grandmother. By killing his grandfather the time traveler would never be born, but if he was never born his grandfather would have never been killed. This leads to a paradox, the problem with traveling back in time. However if the Novikov Self-Consistency Principle (a principle that states if there is an event that would create a paradox or any “change” to the past whatsoever, then the likely-hood of it occurring is none) is accurate then there is a chance for time traveling to the past. Time is truly an odd thing.

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