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Skating Through Our Lives

Modesto on Ice Review

By Breanna Donnelly, Reporter

Modesto On Ice is the seasonal Ice Rink, of Modesto. Many friends and families attend this rink during the winter, for various events, such as birthdays, club celebrations, as well as to just hang out with their friends. It is common for the average Modesto High School student to go to the rink, directly after their last class period. But there are those who may be wondering, is fifteen dollars for one season of skating worth it?

The lines for wristbands and skates are very short if you get to the rink early. For example, immediately after school ends, there is no line. And since this is so, the best way to get your tickets, is to buy all the sessions that you wish to go to, all at once because they only have two ticket stands and the lines tend to grow throughout the day. This ensures that you don’t get the large wait that comes with buying them later. This truly slows down the wait time, which should be the time in which you are actually in the rink skating.

The rink itself is very good. They always have a staff skating around to help those who have fallen. The rink’s ice is also extremely smooth, and easy to skate on. One of the most important aspects of the rink culture is the music. The DJs play very good music, and even take requests for songs to play. This past Friday for example, the rink played Cha Cha Slide by DJ Casper. Overall it is an extremely fun experience, and I would recommend going to Modesto on Ice to anyone who loves to spend time ice skating with their friends and family.

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