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Tide Pods

Ask Chandara No.13

By Chandara Tep, Reporter

This week an anonymous user has asked, “have you done the Tide pod challenge?” To that question I can answer no and I can absolutely guarantee you that I will not part take in this “challenge” ever. This new trend is incredibly dangerous and idiotic. Participating in this event can create a life changing aftermath for you and the people in your life. For those who have not yet heard about the Tide pod challenge, it is a trend where you would consume a packet of laundry detergent. These pods are in no way mean to be consumed by a living creature. The package these Tide pods come in even say do not consume right on its front cover, right next to picture that clearly indicates to not consume. If you ever find yourself wondering just stop and think. The item you are about to consume is a detergent, highly toxic, and will send you to the hospital. If things take a turn for the worst it will also send you straight to the grave, while you’re in immense pain. If you ever discover another person even thinking about participating in this trend please discourage them not to, you could be saving their life. Due to some people’s sheepish nature harmful effects have already taken place in their lives and have forced them to a hospital. I really do hope this article has helped in some way please do not consume detergent.

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