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Top 10 Most Annoying Catchy Songs of All Time

By Sabrina Mean, Reporter

Art by Sabrina Mean

Music is a wonderful thing that all people should enjoy. Whether it’s happy or sad music, it’s still music, which has the ability to connect touch the lives of everyone. There are songs that we really love and songs that we really hate. But what do we do about those songs that gets stuck in our heads on a daily basis? We just can’t help ourselves to sing along to these catchy tunes whenever or wherever we hear it.
These songs are really annoying and catchy that you hate yourself for listening to the song over and over again. But then again, that’s part of music right, they either make you love it even more or hate it to the point that it gets stuck in your head 24/7. Here are a ten songs that are annoying but then again really catchy at the same time.

  1. “Baby Shark” – Pinkfong

If any children song was the highlight of this year, it would definitely would be the Baby Shark song. If you have any little siblings, you can relate to this song on a spiritual level because that is all you literally hear every single day. It can be annoying but then you subject yourself to singing along because it’s just that catchy.

  1. “Friday” – Rebecca Black

This is one of the few older songs, where everybody is like this song again. Friday is one day away from the weekend and there just happens to be a song about it. Yeah, we get that its Friday and we can’t wait for the weekend, but really? Thanks for the reminder Rebecca, we’ll be singing this every Friday!

  1. “Gummy Bear Song” – Gummibär

This is probably one of the most obnoxious children songs ever. Does anyone realize that this green bear with 1 and a half ear is only wearing a pair of underwear? The only lyrics that I understand in this song is literally “oh I’m a gummy bear.” Yeah, yeah, we get it you’re a gummy bear move on.

  1. “Harlem Shake” – Baauer

This song seemingly says only two lines and its “Con los terroristas” which translates to “With terrorists” and “Do the Harlem Shake.” The rest of the song is just the beat. If you like EDM music, this song is probably your type, but let’s be real for a minute, the beat is just annoying and the dancing just makes it 10 times worst.

  1. “Barbie Girl” – Aqua

This song is  one of the elder songs on this list. Talk about “Throwback Thursday,” people   used to sing this song when they were in diapers and didn’t understand the lyrics. It  talks about life as a Barbie. Some people can relate to this song while others can’t relate at all. Why would anyone have a song about themselves and most importantly, why do people still sing this song? Because its catchy, duh!

  1. “Whip My Hair” – Willow Smith

It has been almost a decade since this song came out and people are still whipping their hair back and forth. How do people do that, don’t their heads begin to hurt?

  1. “Happy” – Pharell 

This song can be very energetic but it is not one for the unenthusiastic. It reiterates the chorus about six times. Who can keep up with this tempo? Only the light-hearted.

  1. “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” – Silentó

Back in 2015, it was all about that ‘whip’ and     ‘nae nae.’ This song literally repeats the same thing, but that’s what make it catchy. Whether you know how to dance or not, you can still show off ‘them’ skills by doing ‘them’ “stanky leg” dance moves. People are still doing that whip and nae nae up to this day.

  1. “The Fox” (What Does the Fox Say?) – Ylvis

There are all types of sounds animals make? But can you guess what the fox says? Well, you don’t have to because there is literally a song about it. Though the song can be very weird, it does actually make a good point. “What does the fox say” will forever remain a mystery.

  1. “#SELFIE” – The Chainsmokers

Can we talk about how there is no singing in this song? It’s just a girl ranting about her problems. Even though its 2018 and people love to take selfies, no one would take a picture of themselves after every little single thing they do. You know how people would say, “Family comes first”?  Well this song is essentially saying, “Selfies before anything.”



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Sabrina Mean, Reporter

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Top 10 Most Annoying Catchy Songs of All Time