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Junk Food and Obvious Reasons Why You Should Avoid It

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Junk Food and Obvious Reasons Why You Should Avoid It

By Derek Tang, Reporter

Most people love snacks. They’re usually cheap and are provide that brief moment of happiness in that hole we call life. However, as most of you may know, junk food can lead to horrible illnesses and suffering. While I step over the line of becoming an edgy teenager, I strongly advise the general population to reconsider their food choices and enjoy snacks in moderation.

In spite of a popular belief, high sugar intake does not directly cause diabetes – only influencing the factors that do lead to diabetes. Keep in mind that diabetes type 1 is the condition of not being able to produce insulin, a sugar (glucose) regulating hormone, which helps to maintain a healthy sugar content in blood; it is found to only be caused by genetic factors. For this piece, I will focus solely on diabetes 2. The primary causes for diabetes type 2 is overweightness/obesity leading to insulin resistance – the latter being the body’s inability to use insulin effectively. This is also shown in subjects with high glycemic indexes (high blood sugar) accompanied by low-fiber diets. Senior student Simon Talukder gives an easy-to-follow message to his peers, “If you don’t want diabetes, don’t drink soda.” Of course, there’s more to just avoiding snacks altogether. As a typical health instructor would say, exercise often and eat foods of nutritional value.

High cholesterol and saturated and trans fat contents are associated with junk foods. Unsurprisingly, these things are can increase your chances for cardiovascular disease. Symptoms include heart attacks, strokes, difficulty breathing, and the constant pain caused by the blocked/closed blood vessels. If you have ever cut your blood circulation before (i.e. like sleeping on your limb), you’ll know it often leads to the feeling of having someone stab you repeatedly with a safety pin. To avoid this, you can decide to drop those foods completely, or at least mitigate the effects by consuming either polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats. Apparently, these are shown to decrease “bad fat” concentrations.

Ultimately, what I came to say is – don’t ruin your life by eating food. An anonymous Modesto High student suggested that “it’s the person’s fault if they get health problems from eating unhealthily because they are already aware of the consequences.” Besides the fact that junk food leads to health issues, you really should consider saving your money on things that’ll last longer than a day or two.

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Junk Food and Obvious Reasons Why You Should Avoid It