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Book Review: Milk and Honey

a poetry style book

By Jasmine López, Reporter

I have read many books, and I would say it’s safe to say that it’s rare for a book to come along and leave an impact on the way you think. A couple months ago, I read a poetry style book called Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. I wanted to share about it because it has been a few months, and I still find myself reciting lines from it. I still feel moved by her words, it’s a sort of magic that hasn’t worn off or lost its charm. Each page contains a poem and some are short that consist of three lines, but Rupi doesn’t need to use many words to leave an effect on the reader because they are written so beautifully. The reader is really able to connect with the sentiments within her words.

The book is broken up into four stages which represent four different points in Rupi’s life: The Hurting, The Loving, The Breaking, and The Healing. Rupi was born in 1992 in a village called Munak in the state of Punjab. It is located right below Kashmir in Northern India. The book is written in Gurmukhi which is the script Punjabi is written in. The script doesn’t use capitalization or punctuation only periods. Throughout the book, I was fond with the simplicity of the text because there were no uppercase letters or commas to distract you from the meaning of the words. In her writing, she shares how she explored her womanhood, the sexual violence south Asian woman endure, and feminism views. She also writes about how she came to love and believe in herself in her own skin. She is very honest throughout the book, for some of the poems are graphic illustrating the struggles that women of color and woman in general face. The title is very significant, “i write a poem about the 1984 genocide of the Sikhs in india. there is a line about the woman who lived through it. their resilience is breathtaking. . .   i write that they come back out of that terror as smooth as milk and thick as honey. that is how the title of milk and honey is born.” Every woman should read this book not only because the poetry is centered around women but because she will be able to relate to at least one of the poems.

some of my favorites. . .

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Book Review: Milk and Honey