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Justice League

By Shelby Benz, Editor

The trailers and previews were played for months. DC hoped to capitalize on the success of the Wonder Woman movie that swept the box offices earlier this year. Unfortunately, the reviews were less recurrent and enthusiastic than anticipated. It took Rotten Tomatoes about a day to inform the world about their views on Justice League, when normally they release a review immediately after its first showing. Is there a big conspiracy against Warner Brothers and their new DC movie? Maybe. But again, people already were hesitant to see a DC movie due to their pledged loyalty to Marvel. Despite the points brought up by Rotten Tomato and numerous reviews, I thoroughly enjoy the movie.

Numerous reviews pounced on the critique of the CGI (computer-generated imagery) that was present throughout the film. It is true, that CGI was used in the film at times that were unnecessary and at other times, its usage was unintentionally obvious. In addition to some animation glitches, the plot line lacks clarity at times and the final solution is blurred. While the film as a whole has issues, it does not detract from the greatest asset of the film: The heroes of the Justice League. The beginning of the movie is divided among separate origin stories for each of the characters. The individual stories are all faceted together as the enemy becomes more defined and the issues become more pressing. The heroes, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Cyborg, and Aqua-man are thrust together to form the ultimate crime-fighting unit, in a vulnerable world following the death of Superman. Their characters are thoughtfully developed and their contrasting personalities and assets contribute to the piecing together of a team that is “Stronger Together”. The characters of the Justice League are finally together in a major action film. While the reviews of the film vary, without hesitancy, I recommend taking time to see the movie in theaters. It has personality, heart, and hope for life beyond limits.

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Shelby Benz, Editor

Shelby Benz is a Senior at Modesto High School who is currently enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Programme. She is a very involved student who...

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Justice League