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DIY Valentine’s Day Craft

Want to give someone a genuine Valentine’s Day gift? Here’s a DIY Valentine’s Day craft that anyone can make in just a few simple steps. This vintage-style gift will be meaningful to your Valentine and will help create a warm, romantic atmosphere.

DIY Love Letter Candle


  • personalized, typed love letter
  • 1 mason jar
  • clear liquid glue
  • paint brush
  • red ribbon
  • scissors
  • tealight candle


  1.  Using a landscape format, type out a personalized letter to your Valentine. Use an old style, vintage font (i.e. Times New Roman). Tip: for an extra pop, make several sentences, words, or phrases bold and/or a slightly larger font.
  2.  Print out your letter.
  3.  Now it’s time to age you letter to give an old and rustic look. Start by crumpling up the letter.
  4.  Soak the letter (flat) in black coffee.
  5.  Dry the letter by either hanging it and letting it air-dry, or place it in the oven a baking tray at low temperature for a few minutes.
  6.  Next, fold the letter in half and cut out a medium-sized heart.
  7.  Using clear glue, paste the letter inside the mason jar, with the text facing the outside.
  8.  Tie the red ribbon into a bow at the top of the jar.
  9.  Place a tealight in the jar, light, and enjoy!


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DIY Valentine’s Day Craft