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Fact of the week (Shrimp)

By Yaritza Mendez, Reaporter

     Shrimp may be one of the most popular seafood in the USA.  I have found some disgusting facts about shrimps.  After learning these facts I am glad I do not eat seafood.  About 1.90% of the shrimp that is eaten in the USA is imported, and less than 2% is inspected by the FDA (food and drug administration)

      So when you are enjoying your shrimp cocktail, remember the shrimp may have antibiotics, pesticides, and other chemicals, insect parts and unfortunately some rodent hair.  That sounds DELICIOUS  oh don’t forget Salmonella, ecoli and other bacterias.

Shrimp usually consume microscopic plant and animal matter by filtering the water around them.

In one of Vietnams magazines, it was reported that the shrimp was very disgusting.  Their floors were filthy and flies everywhere.  The shrimp itself was packed in an ice made from the local tap water which has been advised to boil before used for anything.

            On another note shrimp are excellent swimmers, it is estimated in a year that Americans consume one billion pounds of shrimp. To attract fish the shrimp dance, they wave their white antennae’s and do a little dance. They enter the open mouth of fishes to remove blood sucking parasites.

In conclusion although shrimp maybe gross, they help the ocean environment so that it doesn’t get to polluted and filter out the manure of fish or other sea creatures, this is a very important role in the food chain.  How do you feel about a shrimp dish now?  As I was going around school I interviewed two people and asked them how they felt about eating shrimp Lillyana  Niave said “I think eating shrimp is gross because I found out that they eat fish manure that falls at the bottom of the ocean.” The next student is Angelina Morales she said  “I think shrimp have a soft texture to it and you never really know what is inside of the shrimp.”


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Yaritza Mendez, Reporter

Yaritza Mendez is a freshman at Modesto High school. She likes to color, dance, and help others with their situations. Yaritza is a happy person all around...

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Fact of the week (Shrimp)