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Fact of the week

By Yaritza Mendez, Reporter

Vampire squids eat “marine snow”. An interesting fact about “marine snow is that it

consists of a mixture of dead bodies, poop, and snot. The way that they consume their food is by

extending their filaments to collect food that drifts past them.


            These creatures live in the depths of more than three thousand feet below the ocean

where there is very little oxygen, and for this reason their predators are minimal, also their food

is abundant.


            It takes about thirteen months for a vampire squid to hatch from it’s egg., shortly after the

female dies. For the first few weeks they don’t need food, but they have an internal yolk like

substance that they get nutritions from.



            The difference from a regular squid and the vampire squid is that they live longer, also

they are not a threat to human kind due to not much interaction with them. If you are wondering

if they drink blood they don’t. They get the name “vampire” because of their intelligence of

creating geometrical patterns on the ocean floor.


            As I was working on my web story I spoke with some of my classmates and this is the

input that I received for example Marycruz Caballero said “I think vampire squids are very crazy but

interesting”. Rana Banankhah said “I think it’s interesting how vampire squids have photophores

that cover their body in light”. I agree with both Rana and Marycrus because this creature is very

unique and projects lights off their skin to protect themselves from predators, but to also attract


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