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Mohi spirit days

By Yaritza Mendez, Reporter

Modesto high school spirit days


Participating in the Modesto High School spirit days is a way to get involved in the school community and meet new people. These days show how the students come together and support the school, some students think that participating in this activity helps them meet new people and get along with others. At school you feel like you have to do certain things and be in certain activities. As I was going around the school and interviewing students, Noemi Reynoso said “The only reason I participate in school spirit days is because I like to be involved with school activities and other students.”

Some students are questioning “why do we have spirit days?”. The reason why we have spirit days is because it let us express how we feel about the school. It helps us get involved in planning different events and makes us work together to find common interest within each other. Getting to know each other would help the school have a stronger bond it also creates friendly competition between students.

You don’t have to participate in theses spirit days, some people are shy and uncomfortable to talk or be around others because they may feel embarrassed to do something in front of a big crowd. Jasmin Vasquez said “I don’t feel the need to participate in school spirit days because they are not mandatory.” It is true that school spirit days are not mandatory, but students find it more comfortable to join a smaller setting (club, groups, etc.) because it doesn’t feel intimidating to them.

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Yaritza Mendez, Reporter

Yaritza Mendez is a freshman at Modesto High school. She likes to color, dance, and help others with their situations. Yaritza is a happy person all around...

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Mohi spirit days