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Suicide Prevention

By Yaritza Mendez, Reporter

Suicide is one of the worst things in life, a leading cause for this horrible thing is untreated depression. Suicide can either be number two or three on the global statistics (it goes back and forth between two and three), the ages that it occurs most in is 15-24. These ages are the most common because as a teenager and young adult it can be hard and there might be some difficult situations to get through, why do people have these thoughts? The reason people might have suicidal thoughts is because they might not feel good enough for something or someone and maybe because they have some problems that are difficult to get through, but don’t have the help. I asked a student what she really thinks about suicide, Rebecca Yang said “I think that suicide is the most dangerous metal illness, and it should never happen to anybody.”


            In America every 12 minutes there is a death caused by suicide and each year there are 44,965 people that die because of the same cause. Depression is one main reason that suicide happens, this is a mental illness that can be treated and it causes that person to have bad thoughts about specific things like killing themselves, hurting themselves, or r\trying to hide the fact that they need some help. The main gender that ends up attempting suicide is males, but females have more suicidal thought than males.


            The main question people ask is “How do you prevent suicide?” “Mrs. Matlock said “I think you can prevent suicide at school by having a support group, good relationships with staff and students, and having services to help the students in need.” The best way to prevent suicide is talking to someone and having the moral support so that you don’t give up on yourself. So with this said I hope that the percentage of suicide goes down because like I said it’s the worst thing that could happen.

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Yaritza Mendez, Reporter

Yaritza Mendez is a freshman at Modesto High school. She likes to color, dance, and help others with their situations. Yaritza is a happy person all around...

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Suicide Prevention