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Netflix Movie Review: The Founder

This week I decided to do a Netflix movie review on “The Founder”. Have you ever been to or heard of McDonald’s  Well in this Film It covers how a man ran into the first McDonald’s and how he believed it should become a Franchise.The movie covers how McDonald’s was family based and that the problem of making a franchise is that is nobody there to supervise. This man then builds his own establishment where he ran it and it went good for the time he was there ,but when he left it was soon over run by smoking teens and the McDonald’s starting selling things off the menu defeating the purpose of McDonald’s.The man sold two franchises too some rich men who he convinced, which was later proved a mistake as they also were not as the plan was and it was was soon changed beyond family friendly. He then revoked there ownership and then found this nice couple with great work ethnic and they ran the Franchise up to par. The rest of the movie consisted of him hiring couples to run the franchise up to the McDonald’s Standard; Then he couldn’t pay for his due too the low income and a man who owns a ice cream company talks to him about how the money is in the land and that if he buys plots of land and then lets people buy franchises the money will come flowing in before the franchise even begins to be built. The ending is all known as McDonald’s becomes billion dollar empire. I my self would recommend this movie, this movie has a 87 percent on rotten tomatoe rated fresh.

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Netflix Movie Review: The Founder