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Senior Year

Senioritis is hitting us Seniors very hard this school year. Junior year kicked our butts, and tired us out to the point where even the thought of Secondary Math 3 or Chemistry gives me PTSD. We put so much hard work into last year, that for some of us our classes this year are so easy that we don’t have the strive to do any work at all. I know this is a time for IB kids that is very stressful, especially for all of the ones applying for early action at IVY league schools. I am not in IB but I give them all the respect because they work their tails off. Also as well as people applying to Cal State schools applications go from October 1-November 30. “I thought Senior year would be just like Junior year, turns out it is nothing like it. I have no motivation to do anything anymore, and I kinda just want to graduate and go off to college already” (Carson Hull). This is the last year of high school we will ever have, and for some of us we are making the best of it. “It was really cool being able to get ‘Setter of the Year’ of the CCAL League. I’m just glad I went out with a bang during my last season of volleyball ever.” (Alyssa Cover). Senior year is a year that you remember for the rest of your life. A year that you will look back and tell your kids, even your grand children about. These days go by slow, but in a BLINK it will all be over.

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Senior Year