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Alex Phaing is currently a Senior at Modesto High School pursuing an International Baccalaureate Diploma. This is his first-year writing for the Panther Press and is ready to write of all the amazing things the students at Mohi do. Other than writing for the Panther Press, Alex is part of the MHS Mock Trial team, a sprinter for the Track and Field team, and is currently vice president of the Community Youth Connections. He is a big procrastinator but will always find a way to finish all his work. Joining the IB program is one of Alex’s best decisions because it makes him think of international problems and gives him a well-rounded education. In the future, Alex plans on pursuing a medical degree, it does not matter which field, so that he can join Doctors without Borders. He says, “I love traveling, and I feel like is should be helping people all around the world as I travel. This will leave a lasting impact on the world and give me a sense of fulfillment”. Giving to the world is a very important aspect of his life. Alex likes to watch movies, especially Disney movies. He’s kind of childish, but he does not mind it. Everyone is somewhat childish is some way. Aside from focusing on school, Alex likes to read on his free time and sleep, because who doesn’t like sleep.

Alex Phaing, Reporter

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