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Chandara is a chill dude. He is currently is in his third year at Modesto High School. He's an avid Dungeons and Dragons player and has also spent hundreds of hours playing online video games. He also enjoys watching romantic comedies while eating buckets of ice cream. Chandara is also a lover of superhero heroes. He is a strong lover of DC Comics, but a few heroes from Marvel hold a place in his heart. Chandara also has a history of being a Muay Thai fighter, he's had a total of 7 years experience. He's also almost always willing to spar with anyone if they ask. Other things to note is that he hates going to the beach, dislikes tacos, broccoli, and bananas. However, he will consume any of his disliked foods if he's hungry enough. Chandara is also an indoors person and doesn't go out much.

Chandara Tep, Reporter

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