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Derek Tang is a random reporter who joined Journalism for the practical arts credits. In a bizarre and unforeseen twist, he has put forth an unprecedented amount of effort in writing his web stories despite his clear disinterest in participating as a writer the Panther Press. For just a limited time, you can get exclusive coverage on the amazing and infinitely wise Derek Tang for absolutely free at the Panther Press website.

Some of his best characteristics may include his sick flute-playing skills, his mysterious personality, and his RBF. Derek has a rather refined taste in pets – namely, dogs and cats. He currently owns two dogs, named Bella and Sophie, both of whom are at the ripe age of approximately 3 years. As for his long-term goals, he aspires to go to college and to receive a PhD in pharmaceutical studies. Currently, Derek is the vice-president of the band program and is a total band nerd. He is a senior in the IB program which automatically makes him smarter than you. If your self-esteem isn't low enough already, try asking your parents if they have ever loved you.


Derek Tang, Reporter

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