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Kristina Zuroff is a full International Baccalaureate Program diploma candidate at Modesto High School. She is the Editor-In-Chief and President of the Panther Press this year, as it is her third year being a staff member. At school, Kristina is a two-year treasurer of Project Hope, the largest club on campus. She also is involved with many clubs including PHAST (Protecting Health And Slamming Tobacco). On a different note, Kristina is an athlete at Modesto High and has played volleyball, basketball, golf, and cross country. Her favorite aspect about playing sports at Modesto High is the family culture. When asked about her favorite thing on campus she said, “being involved in so many aspects of Modesto High has allowed me to get to know a variety of people and I really love that.” Aside from doing her homework and playing sports, she volunteers once a week for the Parent Resource Center and also does various projects for Society for disAbilities. One of her hobbies aside from school and volunteering include taking photographs. She started during her sophomore year in photography class and it eventually grew into a passion which has only developed through newspaper. When it comes to any school event - be it a rally or a game - she can always be found behind the camera. Another one of the hobbies which she enjoys aside from school is poetry. She has always enjoyed reading and writing poems. But for the first time in May of 2016, she submitted one of her poems for a contest which was then published in the Modesto Stanislaus Poetry Corner book. This past summer, Kristina took a beginning cake decorating class and has really enjoyed it! She immediately took to it and decided to share her fun with her friends at school by bringing her creations for consumption. That led to her earning the nickname of Queen K. Overall, Kristina is a full time student with a busy schedule who has enjoyed being a Panther Press staff member because it allows her to expand her horizons beyond where she thought she would go.

Kristina Zuroff, Editor in Chief

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