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Marycruz Caballero is a hard working student. She finishes all her homework. And she also has a good time at school and out of school. Marycruz Lives with six other people for the next few months. She lives with her mom, dad, brother, two sisters, and her grandma. If you include Marycruz it will be seven people. Marycruz loves to dance. And her favorite ice cream if rocky road. Her favorite color is burgundy. Marycruz birthday is September 3, 2004. She is currently 14 years old. She hates cats for the reason of cats scratched her when she was younger. Marycruz is a dog person. But she only has one dog. She Loves going to Mexico. Marycruz loves going to Mexico because she loves being with her cousins. Marycruz said that she didnt seen her cousins in 2 years. And she usually sees them every years. Marycruz height is about 5’3. Marycruz just loves to have a great time with everyone. She said that she loves her dads side of the family than her moms side of the family. The reasons she dislikes her moms side of the family is because they are to mean and they tell her what to do. The reasons she loves her dads side of the family is because everyone is just so chill and they always have a great time. Another reason is that she feels more free than her moms side. What Marycruz likes to do when she is with her dad's side of the family is that she loves to go up the mountain because there is a cross up there, and that just reminds her of her uncle because he is a priest.What Marycruz loves to do when she is with her moms side of the family is go to the little store next to her grandmas house because the people there are so nice. And or go to her uncle's house which is a few blocks away.

Marycruz, Reporter

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