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Michelle Tipton is a sophomore at Modesto High School and is currently enrolled in all pre-IB classes. This is her first year as a reporter for the panther press. On her free time, she trains for half-marathons, spends time with friends, and spends times with her three border collies. She trains with a group called Teens Run Modesto at her old middle school and aspires to eventually run a full marathon. Every year, she travels to Peru to see family and explore. She cherishes every moment spent in Peru with family and friends and always wishes she had more time. Lastly, she also likes to lay around and relax. Whether its by herself or with family or friends, watching movies or staying home and baking is one of her favorite things to do especially during the cold season. Overall, she loves to be active and adventurous, but also likes to be a homebody.

Michelle Tiptom, Reporter

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