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Rohin Walia is a senior IB student at Modesto High School. Rohin is a sports minded person who likes to have fun. Rohin also works very hard to get what he wants such as good grades and other things. Rohin is willing to learn as well as to teach others if they need help in something. Rohin runs cross country and plays golf at Modesto High School. Rohin likes playing and watching all sports such as football, basketball, soccer, baseball and other sports. Rohin likes the Los Angeles Lakers, San Francisco Giants, and San Francisco 49ers.  Rohin is involved in many clubs such as Project Hope, Human Relations, CJSF, Speech and Debate, as well as clubs outside of school. Rohin volunteers in the community in different ways, one being volunteering once every week at Doctors Medical Center.  As an IB high school student, Rohin has many goals he wants to achieve such as getting accepted to that pristine university and graduating. Once Rohin graduates high school, he wants to go to a nice college and pursue becoming a doctor as a career.  

Rohin Walia, Reporter

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