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Shelby Benz is a Junior at Modesto High School who is currently enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Programme.  She is a very involved student who aims to play a part in the Modesto High School Community.  She is the treasurer of the junior leadership class and the president of the Panthers for a Cure club which works in partnership with the American Cancer Society.  Additionally, Shelby is a member of Project Hope, Creative Writing Club, and ATGC.  As a member of the Modesto High Varsity Volleyball team, Shelby learned of the importance of teamwork and the role of falling before flying, that she hopes to apply the notion to all aspects of her life, for in addition to passion for involvement and success, she also has been inhibited by a fear of failure.  She is grateful to be a part of such an inspiring school atmosphere and to be a writer and editor for the Panther Press.  Shelby is often found writing, reading, trying to complete an infinite amount of homework, playing volleyball, singing, riding horses, or cuddling with her furry family composed of too many animals: dogs, cats, chickens, a horse, and a donkey named Leroy.  The student aspires to be a novelist in the future in addition to contributing to the science branch of life in modern society.  She developed her strong love of animals from her mother who has often fallen victim to the desperate eyes of an animal in need of rescue and her dad who apparently attracts cats from long distances in random places.  A lover of the stars, Shelby has a very global perspective to connect her scientific exploration to political science and writing in a movement to bind the whole of humanity together through a universal passion and love.

Shelby Benz, Reporter

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