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The Avid Center

By Yari Mariscal, Reporter

Having trouble with homework? The Avid Center always has tutoring available for students. If you are failing a class and don’t understand the homework, it’s best to get help. You don’t have to be an Avid student to go. There are tutors everyday whom graduated from college, and are ready to help you. In addition, they have all the resources needed for students use. They have computers and books available to help students.

If you are in the Avid program, you should join the Avid club. There we talk about ways to help each other and more. For example, last meeting which was October 16, 2015; we talked about community service. The Avid club is great to get ideas for community service. Specially since many of us need hours for college, IB, or for our resumes. Also, they do a great job with finding events related to students career interests. Therefore, if you are interested in the medical field, you can do community service at the hospital. I encourage you to join the Avid club so that you can get involved in more events.

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