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Mohi students are jumping on this trend

By Jasmine Lopez, Reporter

Prom is right around the corner, it’s on May 6 this school year. The Girls are frantically running to dress boutiques trying to find the perfect prom dress. While the guys probably went to the local Men’s Warehouse to rent a tux. It used to be that getting asked to prom was simple. . . Boy asks Girl to prom, Girl says yes, Boy and Girl go to prom together. Nothing too extravagant, right? However, now a days there is something known as a “promposal.” According to the Oxford Dictionary a Promposal is defined as so,” elaborately staged request(s) to be someone’s date to a prom.” They include props, such as flowers or posters with witty sayings.

The students at Mohi got creative with their Promposals, here are just a few. . .

Since this year’s prom theme is Night at the Oscars, Alejandro Camacho asked his girlfriend Stefanie Chavez to prom in an Oscar winning way.

When RJ Berumen asked Bailey Blickenstaff , he thought inside the box for promposal.

Raemond Prum used many beautiful flowers to ask Veronica Dorado to prom.

Lizeth Rocha was asked by Carmelo Figueroa to prom with a poster referring to the hit comedy show Shameless.

Edgar Jacquez asked Maribel Peral in a sweet and simple way.

At the moment, the biggest promposal trend is using posters. The promposals of the future will most likely be intricate and complex at the rate it’s going at. Soon, they will need an entire cast and crew to be staged. Nevertheless, it is exciting to see how they develop over time.


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