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Bringing it Back with a Blackout Bash

First Dance of the Year

By Mehar Nijjar, Reporter

On the first Friday back to school the Leadership class hosted the Blackout Bash, a dance that will likely become an annual Modesto High event. Students had something more to look forward to that Friday as the dance started at 8:00 in the evening and stayed packed until 10:30. Dress code was casual and tickets were $5 at the door. Many of the students and staff agree that the simplicity of the dance was appealing and accessible.

Mrs. Harris, the new Leadership teacher, explained that we students can expect more informal dances throughout the rest of the year. When asked about how she felt about the dance, Mrs. Harris stated, “For not knowing if one person was coming, it went really well!”. She also expressed that the variety of students from different programs made for a perfect combination of attendees – after all, we’re all the same when we’re jamming on the dance floor!

The intended blackout in the gym was accommodated with glow sticks, streamers, and trendy music hits. Almost all students who attended had positive comments including that the dance was “fun” and “upbeat” and also that they liked the music that the DJ was playing. It seems to be agreed upon that the casual blackout-themed dance was a success.


PC: Sofia Johnson

Niels Willerup and Paula Ashby having a lovely time


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Mehar Nijjar, Reporter

Hi there. My name is Mehar and I'm a junior at Modesto High School. Hobbies of mine include: listening to music , going for walks, reading, and watching...

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Bringing it Back with a Blackout Bash