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Balloon Pop Lunch Game

By Michelle Tipton, Reporter

Homecoming is a much anticipated week for all high school students.  Especially for Mohi students who have repeatedly proven they have the most school spirit! Not only is a rally organized, but small games during lunch are also organized. On Wednesday, the game organized consisted of a group of people being in a separate space with balloons tied around their ankles. The goal of the game was to be the last person standing, with a balloon tied around your ankle. The game was held in the quad and there were different rounds, with each round approximately consisting of four people.

Dozens of students gathered around the quad to watch the game. Not only did the game hype up the students playing, it hyped up the students watching and cheering the students playing. This was the overall main goal of the lunch games. School spirit is very important to Mohi and the amount of school spirit during homecoming was outrageous! Leadership did an amazing job organizing the events and students are already anticipating future school activities.


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Balloon Pop Lunch Game